Heafner Financial Solutions is a boutique wealth-management firm dedicated to designing custom, verifiable financial solutions to fit your lifestyle and your objectives. No pre-fabricated, cookie-cutter plans. We create customized plans with our unique processes and our meticulously researched products.

Real risk reduction by addressing all relevant risks, including…

  • Products that cannot lose principal, and products that have never lost principal
  • Planning for tax minimization
  • Employing lawsuit and creditor shield
  • Utilizing options that can protect assets from nursing-home and long-term care costs.
  • Income plans for dependable and predictable lifetime income solutions.

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Heafner Financial Solutions is a small specialty financial problem-solving firm. We believe you deserve a rich and rewarding life —especially when retired. Retirement affords us the time and freedom to follow our dreams, to impact the world, to leave a legacy. At Heafner Financial Solutions, our job is to provide you the financial horsepower to support your dreams. Our image is that of a “lion in winter.” May we have the joy and courage and financial freedom to live lives of power and independence; lives that inspire others.

It is never too late or too early to begin planning for the rest of our lives. Success can happen without a plan, but having a target makes it easier. Unless you have exceptional wealth, it’s difficult to have your money do everything well. Chances of enjoying our money ‘til the end are greatly enhanced if we begin planning for retirement income as early in our lives as possible. Conceptually, we want to separate our money into buckets and assign each one a task. For example, one bucket is fully liquid for emergencies and opportunities. Another one is dedicated to providing you the largest monthly income for life. One bucket may be intended to seek growth for the future or for your heirs, etc.

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